Sunday, December 30, 2007

The clock is ticking...

By this time next week, I will be on an tropical island in temperatures of around 18'Celsius. Mmm. Certainly won't be too heartbroken to leave the weather that has given me the blocked nose of the past few days... seriously been so bad that blowing my nose made me sound like a kid who had just bought a tuba. And then shoved a shedload of kazoos into it.

But I will miss the people down here. Because of the early departure (it was a necessity to be there for the 7th Jan) despite my best efforts I won't be able to see everyone. Tomorrow and New Year's Day I can pretty much call a bust, and though I'll be taxiing at Heathrow just shy of midday, having to get there early etc means that that day's out of the question also. So that leaves me three days to see the people I've managed to inadvertently avoid for ages (damn you elusive physios! most notably). And I still have to work on those days, though I'm not TECHNICALLY meant to work on Friday. I'll try and get that day cleared. And still have to pencil in the time to grab a couple of last minute things.

Moral of the story and note to self: Stop bloody leaving things until the last minute! I'd pledge to make that a New Year's resolution but I a) don't really believe in the effectiveness of that concept at any rate and b) know that this last-minute syndrome I have is something of a part of me, and one that I doubt would alter for something as niggling as a resolution. Ho-hum, I'll just live with the stress! :P

It's been recently hitting me, the sheer enormity of what I'm about to do. For the better part of four months, I'll be in a strange country without the safety net of people I know, where my mother tongue of 21 years will be a luxury, and where democracy is something they merely read about. Perhaps. Maybe that's censored too!
Bottom line is, as exciting as this undoubtedly is, it's also going to be a baptism of fire, a real training ground, a veritable spring of motivational metaphors and similes to the same end: I'm going to have to experience a helluva lot of personal growth and find a new level of self-sufficiency.  And that's pretty scary, but I'm looking forward to the chance to prove myself like never before.

Piddling, back-of-my-mind-type wonderments:
- What am I going to put on my iPod? Silly and superficial and unimportant? Yes, but I'm not going to be able to change it for 4 months, I want to be good stuff! Recently got my grubby mitts on the Weepies album and a couple of Belle & Sebastian, which I'm looking forward to delving into, as well as some classical stuff. (Dutch violinist, Janine Jansen playing the Four Seasons by Vivaldi! Should be great!) But this means I'll have to uncheck a whole lot of other stuff... How fortunate I am that such unworthy problems are among my biggest dilemmas.
- Yet again, a book makes me feel silly. Metamorphosis by Kafka, seems to me thus far to be entirely about a man who turns into a giant bug. For all its RL Stine (Goosebumps are the bedrock of modern literature! Or not.) comparisons (thanks to H.R. for that wonderful conversation tangent in the pub!) I really don't get it. Is there some allegory I'm missing? Does this metamorphosis give rise to a commentary on the human condition? Either I'm an idiot and Franz Kafka is wasted on me, that really IS what the book is all about, or I should stop trying to read books carefully at 2 in the morning.
- The more I think about it, the more I would really like to use the old acoustic guitar as a teaching aid in China! I hope I can find one to use and think of a song that wouldn't get me arrested. The early Beatles stuff is fairly innocuous, right?
- How am I going to get my photos sorted out out there?

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31 December 2007 at 16:41

When I went to Egypt, I packed all the wrong things and the only thing I remembered was my rechargeable battery unit. I think humans are designed to worry about the strangest things - I have no idea why though.

In all fairness, I had no idea you were a Man U fan! And I thought we were sunk after the first goal, so I guess maybe we were a little bit lucky with your performance (although don't tell anyone I admitted that).

I hope you have a great time.