Sunday, December 02, 2007

First Post

I figure I'll set this up so I have some kind of resource to record things down when I go to China (mmm, such a delicious hotbed of excitement mixed with intense fear...!) and heck it might help while away the crazy wee hours in the morning when no-one else but me seems to be awake.

Never overly sure just what to write for these things to be honest... I do know initially I'm rather reluctant to completely spill my guts to the immensely scrupulous sense of privacy held by the internet(!) So to the superficial I think!

- The Golden Compass, as a film, irritated me. Now, the books were FAIRLY fresh in my mind, considering I caned them the week before (ah... sweet insomnia...) and so the ill treatment of Mr Pullman's books was more acutely noticed for it. I did enjoy seeing certain aspects on the screen, in particular the armoured bears and the daemons were rather well represented, though aspects of the technology (spark fueled quasi carriages?) were something of a curio. My main quibble was the pacing, how it was all rushed as if the screenwriter merely wanted to tick off all the little boxes. He didn't miss any of the major events, aside from the glaring omission of the last chapter which we must attribute to American test audiences, giving an overall effect of a child telling the story back ("And then Lyra saw a bear.... then she told him where the armour was... then the bear found it... then they went towards Svalbard...") albeit with spectacular effects. The best parts of the film, not least Sam Lloyd's excellent portrayal of Scoresby and Daniel Craig's weighty interpretation of Lord Asriel, are merely displayed then discarded 'til later, which is as frustrating as it is tantalising to the potential the sum of the film's parts could have been.
Though I believe I read somewhere that this film cost three times as much as Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, and I know without even thinking on it, that I infinitely prefer the latter.

- As you may or may not know of me, my music tastes for the most part spans from one obsession to the next :P Currently my favourite artist is a singer/songwriter from Seattle called Brandi Carlile. I really cannot recommend her too much: her voice can range from the dulcet tones of her exquisitely written ballads to the blasting half yodel thing she pulls out sometimes. To some, I imagine it must be grating, but I merely find that endearing. Seriously, check her out, though for the most part it's rather difficult to locate her stuff over here... I have an American friend to thank for 'hooking me up' and, perhaps embarrassingly, Grey's Anatomy to thank for introducing me to her in the first place. They featured a number of her songs although I believe at the time she was unsigned...

- Reading Brideshead Revisited makes me feel stupid. I consider myself FAIRLY well read (not as well as some I know, including H.R. who is ridiculously well read, but definitely more than the average) but the style of writing adopted by Waugh at times makes me reach for the dictionary (words like sacerdotal in context are fairly easy to guess the gist of, but I would rather KNOW what a new word means) and  at other times gives me the feeling that I am perhaps punching above my weight (ha, the metaphor clearly shows I still have Ricky Hatton on the brain), that I feel a little overwhelmed with the casual references to writers and artists only half of whom I know about and a further quarter have heard of. I haven't felt this inadequate reading a book since my last Virginia Woolf venture. Certainly her imagery is superlatively eloquent and beautiful, but the sheer density of the stream of consciousness rather makes me believe that I could drown in it.

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11 December 2007 at 04:28

Congratulations on your new blog and thanks for the visit! Come again some time....

12 December 2007 at 03:42

Glad 2 see you have joined the blog squad. Thanks for the compliment on the photo. I actually took it with my iPhone and I'm not a pro at all. Guess it was a little skill and a lot of luck.
I look forward to see your future post.