Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

- For me, Christmas Day overall consists of family, food and cheesy I-could-never-watch-this-any-other-time-of-year television programmes and films. Time was when the older movies were staple... you could bet money that they'd show "Sound of Music" and "It's a Wonderful Life" on at SOME point during the day. Now, as much as I love "Finding Nemo" (it ACTUALLY gets better with each, albeit necessarily infrequent, viewing!) it's not the most festive. And you'd probably have to be eight or anxious to get your kids to pipe down for a bit to sit through such quasi-festive drivel as "Santa Clause 2". Wow, I've just realised how much this is merely the mad ramblings of a couch potato. Not exactly the most compelling reading, I expect. And on that note, why isn't the Queen's Message more widely advertised! I had to resort to Youtube to watch it this year, as I couldn't find it on the telly. What is the world coming to? :-P
Also on that note, festive drivel that I will GLADLY endure is "Love Actually". Sure, it represents the overly whitewashed, Hollywood Rose-tinted glass version of London in an overly rom-com manner but there's a lot of guilty pleasure to be had in the star-studded cast ("Ooh Keira Knightley!") , the ability to point out parts of London ("Ooh the South Bank") and the ability to post out the myriad flaws in the plot ("Ooh, the inappropriately foul-mouthed and lacking in decorum tea-lady working in 10 Downing Street!") But hey I do actually love it. See what I did there? I hope not. I'm ashamed.

- I've had to start idly think about what to bring to teach the lil' Chinese kiddies. Found a wonderful resource in a Facebook group in which people who are actually out there teaching. I think it would be rather amusingly and cute to make them sing a song. Then one fast realises that it's harder than one thinks to use a song that has nothing that could possibly be controversial, though I expect I'm being paranoid. But would they be 'down' with songs that contain fornication, suicide, imagery that could be misconstrued. More importantly, am I listening to the wrong type of music?! ;-)
I would just love it if I could get ahold of an acoustic guitar in the school. That could be awesome, and Youtube-able! Awww, little Chinese kids singing KT Tunstall... Muhaha!
- My Mandarin still sucks. I'm going to be the equivalent of those tourists (perhaps stereotypically, mostly the Americans I'm afraid) who come over here and want to visit Lee-ster Square, South-work Cathedral and Covenant Garden (though incidentally I believe that was the original name). But I'm nevertheless excited, especially for the opportunity to travel during February! I just feel like there's an immense amount of freedom, strangely handed on a plate to me. I'm under no illusions that this freedom to travel wasn't present before, but now I'm being all but forced to travel around an exotic continent. Nice :-)

- Today Benazir Bhutto, a Pakistani politician was killed in Rawalpindi. I wouldn't claim to be an expert of Asian politics, but from general knowledge I know it's a great blow to Pakistani democracy. Just go to show that while in some of our Western societies our precious democracy is taken for granted while countries like Pakistan often struggle to restore it.

2 Response to The Ghosts of Christmas Past

29 December 2007 at 17:33

haha ... i like your blog ... update more .. so relaxing to read! and happy new year!

And i'm malaysian ... but kinda in a very competitive environment.

30 December 2007 at 15:41

I like your blog!

A wide range of subjects covered... And I watched Babe today, which is another Christmas staple.

I miss The Sound of Music as a Christmas film too.