Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ah well, it's the weekend now.

So, I get into work today to discover I'd been robbed. Operating almost on entirely on autopilot, I waved hi to a colleague, sat at my meagre desk and switched the computer on. With iPod still blaring in ear and my mind not entirely on the day ahead I note that staccato quasi-ringing sound that can only signify a Windows error: the computer cannot detect a functioning mouse. What the hell? Someone nicked my mouse! Turns out our lil' row of cubicles were visited by a strange thief... they nicked my mouse, and actually somewhat amusingly, from our tin of Celebrations, leaving nothing but Mars Bars and Milky Ways. So we had a strange, we can presume slightly podgy? thief who apparently has certain tastes. But seriously now, I wasn't that bothered, it be strange if I did, but I was certainly amused by our little kleptomaniac friend. The irony was then that IT support then required me to log on and put in a request via the intranet, needless to say, sans mouse that's a LITTLE tricky.

I have still not done a great deal of work, due to a series of events not ENTIRELY designed of my own... the ordering program we used decided I was no longer a valid user, meaning I had to use a colleagues log-on details. We also went out as a team to get some McDonalds in. It was strangely rather nice, we bonded a little more over greasy chips and sauces that seemed to desire escape to freedom.

When you're not working in an office 9-5 it is, from my experience, pretty easy to look at people with their workplace related anecdotes and think "Woah, these people have no lives..." But when it comes down to it, this IS their lives. The majority of the waking hours spending in the company of office colleagues, in the backdrop of the little cubicle or desk that is your temporary prison. This is where the majority of your daily notable activities (though not necessarily the most exciting) will occur, and thus be the source of your tales of daring escapades. And if you're lucky, the tales you're able to tell others will be interesting and indicative of an exciting career.

We also spent a rather lengthy extent of the morning writing out Christmas cards. Yes, we left it rather late, and yes, I didn't know most of the people whose cards I was signing but in the single-minded intent to GIVE (albeit minimal on my part) does lead to the Christmas spirit I should have been feeling earlier. The sense of winding down a little for the festive period, the greater appreciation for the commercial and domestic changes... maybe the spirit is hitting me at last. 

Also of note over the past few weeks is the insanity of the London Underground. You never quite feel the sheer animosity of it all until you have experienced it in the rush hour. It's a completely different kettle of fish from the leisurely tube rides you might take before or after a night out when you just perceive it as the most convenient way to get to B from A, but a whole other when you have to battle a dozen strangers to get a a minimal space on the tube, either risking sardine-like squishing, hazardous door crushing, high pitched screamings or being thwacked numerous time upside your unsuspecting head. It does also have the tendency to bring out the very best or worst in our beloved Londoners. The slightly odd looking hippie with the massive and vaguely worrying bag will help you clear a space  so you're not standing in a space smaller than your head, and that otherwise sweeting looking old lady will suddenly attempt a Laurence Dallaglio impression and rugby tackle you at the kidneys in an effort to eke a little more space in a way that baffles the average spacial awareness. The Tube is not a Tardis people! I handle it by blanking out the inhuman exodus around me and just listening to my music. It may make the rat race a little more mindless but heck, it helps preserve my mind.

The Weepies are currently rocking my iTunes list. And I appreciate my re-delving into the lyrical mastery of Jason Mraz. Only a few days until Christmas. And I actually care now!

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