Thursday, January 24, 2008

Quick one.

[Written on Sunday for Cathy]

So it's been a pretty weird weekend. We (the group of other volunteers on the same scheme as me) went to a different part of the island for a bit of a trip, left yesterday morning and came back in time for lunch today. Saw a nice bit of scenery both days: on Saturday we went to this Temple (I'm still not ENTIRELY certain whether it was Buddhist or Taoist) located on a mountain, which meant the walking to the top bit was a little tiring but the views were AMAZING. The actual temple and some of the features (gaudily painted buildings, stone stairs and water features) we heard, were actually a mere several years old, which slightly detracted from the pictoresque charm of the place. (Ancient Buddhist temple, from the Oriental range, available now from an Ikea near you!) Slightly mortifying though was the fact that my camera ran out of juice, pretty much as soon I took it out, all the views were, in that way, wasted on me. Bummer. Will have to instead resort to stealing off others on Facebook, the classy way, eh?Today we went to this lake, which was really pretty, and definitely worth a few photos (Dammit.) but you know how it is, after a while, it just becomes an expanse of water. Skimmed a few stones, ooh'd ah'd then left. Must have spent a good 3 hours in the old minibus these past few days. Awesome.Last night we went to a bar and picked up a stalker! Now, group leads to immense fascination everywhere we go, from random outcries of "Hello!" every now and then to just plain outright staring. But there was this guy who was royally royallly pissed off his head, he spilt beer over someone, fell over and nearly overturned a table. And then when we tried to leave he was a little overfriendly... paying for the pool games a few of the others were playing, and kept following us and offering to buy us dinner and paying for our hotel rooms and so forth. Our native guide (ha!) advised us it would be a bad idea to do so... hardly something we needed telling from the state of him. One of our number, a 6'9" beast of a guy, kept wanting to lamp him, despite/due to being pretty inebriated himself and we had to tell him not to. One of the girls was crying (albeit for good reason, which I will not going into now), one of the guys was... in a bit of a state too. Anyhow, stalker came INTO the courtyard of the hostel and tried to hunt us down, which freaked out the girls no end, to the point where they were frantically locking their doors and locating penknives, which would've been hilarious were they not so upset. He left, later after Martin (our guide, a brilliantly patient and helpful man) calmed him down and convinced him to leave. So, bit of an interesting night really!

Songs that won't get out of my head:
- Apologize - Timbaland and One Republic
- Turpentine - Brandi Carlile
- Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Lion King OST

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