Saturday, February 02, 2008

Guilin 1

[Extract from group facebook message]

First night in Guilin

Team Guilin are doing well. We had what sounds like the least complicated ride in, not to rub it in anyones faces. Cab to the airport was fine, though I was stuck in the middle. Things were crushed that nature did not intend to be. Flight not delayed, and hey, isn't the airport a damn sight nicer to look at than it did when we arrived, eh? Flight itself was short and pretty fine, though I may have wasted the window seat by completely conking out before we'd even taxi'd, waking up about halfway handily to Catherine telling me they were handing out unexpected sandwiches... in your face, Easyjet! They also gave out what I'm told were REALLY nice coffees but I wasn't feeling it at the time. Also fell asleep right after that. We were wheeling back in when I woke up and Catherine laughed in my face when I asked if I'd missed the landing.Guilin is very cold, but not as bad as we were expecting. No signs of snow etc and we are told we'll also get some sunshine soon! It is also a lot more developed than I'd envisaged when we sat in the hostel missing you all more than we cared to admit. It's like Hong Kong but with wider streets, cleaner, and just a rather interesting place by night (we have yet to see it by day). We had a pretty easy and scenic cab ride in, with only a very minor confusion with address on the driver's part. Turns out he'd taken us a mere block away.

The hostel seems nice, if a little on the rustic side, with a brick and wooden panelling finishing reminiscent of a ski lodge. Unfortunately, it has all of the cold and none of the open fires and heaters. In our shared 4-bed dorm room, we've made it rather more manageable with hot air spewing out the air conditioning unit. It's got white people in too! Mental... we briefly chatted to a couple of Aussie girls and an Israeli guy whom I strongly suspect was gay and... let's say lonely. After a rather overpriced Dan Chow Fan (egg fried rice to those not in the know ;p) and soup noodle we returned to hostel. Cat and Guilin (immeasurably pleased to be back in his namesake and spiritual home) are sleeping and I'm here typing like a FB addict with Himesh reading over my shoulder and playing pool with Paul, who is as ever a veritable font of interesting stories(!)

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