Monday, February 04, 2008

Guilin 2

[Again extracted... sorry, I'm lazy! Michael Bubles are... pretty self explanatory :P Say his name slowly... I'm not 21, honest!]

Anisha/Wolmar/Ali - We have heard Yo Mei Yo and also that 'Round, and round, and round we go!' song as well. Also, the music in the hostel is muy shite-io. Saxophone covers of 'classics', Mariah Carey (not even the good ones) and just not good.

Our fellow hosteliers are pretty funky, met a couple of Aussie girls (now in the unforgiving clutches of Paul), a New Zealand girl and gal, a couple of guys from Macao (the portugese one was lovely but would not shut up and leave me alone! :P)

We're having a lazy day today, got up at 11, and will just have a walk around later... it's a little warmer today which is pleasant. Yesterday, we had a very very good day (at least in my opinion, but I would venture the others agree). In the morning, we grabbed a few of those breakfast kruller things and waited for a bus to the Reed Flute Caves, which were brilliantly lit up with different coloured lights. Like nothing I'd seen before, though Paul has seen better! Obviously... Photos to come on later. We also paid 10kwai each (down from 20... skanky bastards) to see apparently 1000-year-old turtles, though we remain sceptical as to the age. We just ended up feeling sorry for them however, they were just sat on a rug or in small ponds or tanks. They all looked unhappy, still or at best lethargic. Never again do I want to pay money to feel sorry for entrapped nature.

After lunch we took a bus the other way to FuBo Hill, which wasn't nearly as high as the Ding An mount we climbed, but still impressively surrounded by little hill/mountains (or as we unanimously agreed 'Surrounded by Michaels/Bubles *). There was also a little cave thing to walk around, including a cave of a thousand Buddhas (the Chinese seem to love that number), and there were quite a few carved into the rock, a little alcove with a Buddhist candle-lit shrine, and some curiously located Chinese calligraphy carved into the cave wall faces.

* Himesh remains irritated by my incapability to use acute accents over the 'e' in Buble

We came back and chilled in the hostel (Himesh and I played pool with the New Zealanders, the girl was a definite 7/8 :P) and then had dinner in a nearby restaurant. We all had rice (and of course, stomach of the bottomless pit Will had another fried rice in addition) and Cat had a rather spicy beancurd, Will a rather unsatisfying beef and celery, and me and Himesh had the spectacular, local delicacy, actually-made-my-day-complete, 'Beer Fish', a really tender white fish fried with a beer sauce. Came back and played Shit Head (some things don't change) with Paul, Aussie girls and a London copper named Glen, who is admirably taking a 5 month trip to see half the Pacific ring seemingly! Then got accosted by the newly arrived Macao peeps, and the Portuguese one called Diogo was so sodding friendly I felt incapable of telling him to sod off!

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