Sunday, February 17, 2008


[Again extracted from a Facebook message thread. Sorry, can't generally be bothered to type it out twice!]

The Old Town-ers are in Li Jiang which is beautiful. It's so pictoresque in a manner reminiscent of old European towns (Alsace for example) or Canada, in that it's modern, and in its cleanliness and the facilities that it is POSSIBLE to find, but still very much aware of its roots and its place in its natural and mountainy beautiful surroundings. It's old school without being grungy and traditional without being backward.

Our hostel is near the heart of the Old Town, which means even a short trip to the post office is a worthwhile voyage. This morning we saw some Naxi ladies in costume (though they mostly seem to remain so irregardless) dancing in circles! Random, eh?

We went to a village called BaiSha today and the nearby monastery with its awesome decor and frescoes. We have just been generally absorbing the atmosphere of this most beautiful of towns (so far) and trying out the local Naxi food (Naxi bread, cake, sausage - something akin to black pudding, yak meat, yoghurt and fried goat's cheese).

Tomorrow we intend to go to Tiger Leaping Gorge which should be awesome! Though we just heard a rumour Lijiang is going to be hit by snow soon which is fairly worrying! Everyone apart this one American couple (omg, another Chineseman who doesn't know Chinese! Met an Aussie girl in Chengdu too! Don't feel as stupid anymore! Score!) says it'll be nice though, including tourist offices and websites so we're probably going ahead anyhow :D

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