Saturday, March 01, 2008

Teaching commences Monday...

So there's a massive chunk missing from the blog, I haven't written about Dali or Kunming. Will probably do so at a later point, apologies :P

So I've finished travelling and been placed at a primary school in Haikou with a girl (incidentally, Catherine, the one I went travelling with over February) and other pairs and triplets have been similarly relocated (with the exception of 3 who are staying in the hostel). We've been put in a flat which I can't decide whether is nice or not. The bedrooms and living rooms are quite nice, although there are pencil drawings on the wall, but the kitchen and bathroom are pretty pants. The kitchen has no fridge or oven, just a microwave, which I don't think works properly, leastways the dish can't spin, we'll have to get that fixed, a rice cooker which I think works, a kettle, which does, and a single hob which doesn't. It's a shame, was looking forward to making omelettes and so forth! It'll hopefully get fixed very soon though. The bathroom has a gas powered shower (which is operated off a gas tank which we have to remember to turn on and off on pain of having a cold shower), a sink, and most depressingly of all, a Chinese-style toilet. Guess I'm going to have to get used to it now!

The area I'm in isn't too far from the hostel, probably about 15mins by car, but it's just in something of a random area in which we've never previously been. It's just around the corner from a BIG market, with the biggest array of open air fresh food stalls I've seen for a long time: lots of fresh fruit, veg, fish and meat. And eggs, obviously. Very important. And just down the road are lots of shops and banks and this internet cafe, so all in all, apart from the random location, not a bad area in which to live! (Wow, this no preposition at the end of the sentence rule is making me write in a rather weird manner, no?) We start observing English classes on Monday, and presumably start teaching proper as soon as possible. I have been given my schedule, it turns out I will be teaching 7, 8 and 9 year olds. The icing and cherry on the massive cake of apprehension is the fact that we have been told the classes will be between 50 and 60 kids large. Ouch. If the kids actually listen to me, it'll be a laugh. At least it'll be an experience, right?

The most noticable thing is the lack of other people around. Myself and Cat were just watching a DVD on our rather large TV last night, and when it ended we were at something of a loss of what to do! Guess that'll be why our predecessors went out most nights, helps kill the monotony? Will keep my fingers crossed that all goes well!