Monday, June 23, 2008

When I grow up, I want to be...

When I'm employed, and come into my own as a proper, well-adjusted adult and all that jazz (I don't reckon I'm JUST quite there yet. For one I don't have a job!) I don't know who I'll be. I am by no means certain of what kind of father I'd be given the chance. But after observing people recently, what I want to lay out now, for my own benefit is who I do NOT want to be. Wouldn't it just be fanastically film-like if I turned out to be a right twat later in life, find this, and see the error of my ways?

- I do not want to be someone defined MERELY by his career and salary. Obviously, with any intense and demanding job, this will be harder, as employment will take up the lion's share of one's time. But there is no reason why it should be the case that anyone has NOTHING else in their lives. I want to still keep in touch with the art scene: such as I am right now (which is rather limited to be frank). But I don't want my only exposure to things that are non-work related to be something I accidentally read about while on my way to the stocks section of the FT. Work to live, not live to work.

- I will not be one of those people obsessed by money. There is a world of difference between being careful with your money, and being an overly tight-fisted bastard. Never in my life do I want to end up stopping doing things I want, for and with the people I love, because of money if I am 'of means'. There is a great uncertainty about what this life is about, and how to make it worthwhile. I am of the opinion that part of it, is spending time with others, and influencing them and inspiring them for the better. Being a hermit goes against this.

- I NEVER want to be narrow minded. I despise unmerited racism, classism and belittling of others for superficial and unimportant reasons. Books are more than their covers, and so forth!

I daresay this list can, and probably will continue. But I should leave Starbucks now, despite the free internet! I've been here almost 3 hours, and that's not good! I'd like to write about Singapore a bit, dear blog, and shall do so at a later date.

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