Sunday, September 07, 2008

Brief thoughts

In bullet point form, 'cos I'm lazy and I suck.

- When I was out there, I thought I wanted to come back, but now I wish I was back in Singapore. The weather, and the innocence of life, right now, I would trade for the greater independence of thought and expression I yearned for.
- Law is a tough bitch of a mistress and I hope I can stay the course.
- actually breaks my heart a little inside. People write in on postcards their secrets, in a one-liner, and send them off where they're put on the 'net. As a result people feel the freedom to send off their deepest secrets, those weighing on their mind. Now sometimes it's a sexual thing, but oftentimes it's an insecurity or complex so deepset than when they reveal it, I ache FOR them. I have had (to an extent still do) have more insecurities than I know how to deal with, and I handle them by a large capacity to compartmentalise and push them to one side. For those less able to do so, such outlets are ideal, and it's both liberating and immensely saddening to read other people's.
- I sometimes worry that I 'feel' more due to books, films and songs than I do about my own life.
- The thought of the 'butterfly effect', the phenomenon, school of thought, whatever, freaks me out when I think about it too much.

1 Response to Brief thoughts

8 September 2008 at 12:32

Missing home there? I get that too when i'm reading about other people's life. It's in our nature to forever be greedy of other peoples happiness. most of the time, it involves something which we had before but have lost touch with. Watever it is ... there are memories to lean back to. So .. stay strong and enjoy what u have there. X)