Monday, September 15, 2008


Time is a strange thing isn't it? It goes so fast when you want it to last, and when you want the time to pass, it seems endless. Now, for the most part, I'd say I've had a good past year, but it hasn't half gone quickly! This time last year, I was about to escape a boring dead-end temp job, but saving up to go travel. That's such a strange idea to me, to think that the moment was a year ago, when it seems so, perhaps a mere couple of months.

Maybe that's what makes life worth living, what can constitute our raison d'etre: anticipation. Whether it's anticipation of the next day, anticipation of seeing someone you love or just anticipation for a life-altering experience in the near horizon, I'd venture we all need something to look forward to. A life that's static and filled with nothing to look forward to is amongst my worst nightmares. But it's never too late to break out of that funk.

But, you know, that just goes to show that cliches do hold true, I suppose that's why they're cliches. Time does fly when you're having fun, and time really is fleeting, it really can be gone in a blink of an eye. I'm sure the people with not a lot of it left would appreciate more than the most of us who take it for granted. Surely we owe it to them to make the most of ours.

(Wow, that was really was a pile of the most awful drivel. But I spent a couple of minutes typing it so it's staying.)

More thoughts I'll leave you with:
- Some buskers are genuinely extremely talented. Sure you get the odd insane person on a tin whistle that gives the profession a bad name, but then you also get the guy on the acoustic guitar in Covent Garden that makes you stop and listen because they have a quality about them. You can normally tell how popular they are by the number of phones that are taken out to film them(!)
- I really enjoy meeting new people. They constantly remind me not to judge books by their respective covers and that a moment shared is that much more precious.
- Nick Hornby is and writes like a North London lad and that makes me happy.

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16 September 2008 at 23:39

In Cardiff, we get all kinds of buskers. There's Ninjah, who drums on the bins in the town centre. There's a guy with an accordian, who is madly talented and gives a cosmopolitan air to the high street. Somewhere, apparently, there's Toy Mic Trev who sings into an echoey plastic microphone.

The past year has been very strange for me, but now that I've moved to Cardiff I finally feel like I've rejoined the real world, and time has started passing normally again.