Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The weather outside is frightful

So, the economy sucks, politics still springs up scandals like there's no tomorrow on both side of the Atlantic, it's frickin' freezing outside and I'm piled up with so much work that I may as well NOT have a 'reading week'.

But it snowed yesterday! Albeit rather briefly, and settling only enough to amass a depth of about an inch. But still, it did bring a smidgen of magic to my otherwise rather mundane lifestyle. Spending the day doing Practical Legal Research is hardly an engrossing use of the hours. But ah well, has to be done! But I should really go on a walk soon or something. All I'm currently seeing of London is the inside of restaurants and bars, and on occasion tube carraiges and buses. But it's so damn cold...

Also, the new James Bond film is coming out! I'm actually rather excited about this: I rewatched Casino Royale a few days ago and forgot how polished and slick it is! Daniel Craig will never be my Bond, Goldeneye is still my favourite and so by extension Pierce Brosnan.

In the last month, my playlist of new music has been dominated by:
- Kina Grannis = recently signed up-and-coming acoustic singer/songwriter... this is fast becoming the bread-and-butter of my music taste, isn't it?
- Kings of Leon = SO much better than the last album!
- Jimi Hendrix = fine, not really NEW music, but I'm rediscovering him!

2 Response to The weather outside is frightful

31 October 2008 at 12:29

I'm not sure whether I'm annoyed or excited that this Bond film is a sequel of Casino Royale. It's not meant to be as good, though.

I, however, am a rather large Daniel Craig fan!

1 November 2008 at 22:28

To be fair I thought Casino Royale was, like Goldeneye, so tight and awesome that it'd be hard to match it. Daniel Craig said it's a natural follow on though... hmmm, still excited though!