Thursday, April 09, 2009

I really am the most terrible procrastinator

Exactly what it says on the tin. Let me give you an example of precisely how lazy I am. I have had, since Monday morning, a list on my desk of 7 tasks I need to do, of varying difficulty. I have since then completed precisely half of one. Disgusting isn't it? I have managed in the meantime to watch an entire season of Skins (don't regret that), read the beginnings of two *different* John Grisham books (not as inspiring as I had thought it would be), and spend probably two hours a day on Facebook (*do* regret that. in hindsight I wonder how that's even possibly, the vast majority of my friends are working or doing something interesting/constructive with their lives so there's not that much to monitor!) Despite it now being 2am, I will force myself to do at least 3 of the tasks before bed. After having typed out my thoughts of the day.

- The lives of the kids in Skins are GRIM. Sure they have fun, and they have each other, but sometimes, in fact, a lot of the time it's pretty dark. Now, obviously it's fictional, but as with all the best television programmes (not that I'm particularly classifying it as such for now) there's more than a sliver of truth to be found.
My kudos of the day goes out to psychologists and in particular those for young people. They, more than 'grown ups', I would imagine, feel every lacking element with an acuteness greater than their older counterparts. Whether or not due to melodrama and hyperbole, nonetheless to them, troubled youths around the country are living their own little hells, and with fewer options available to them than to adults. They can't escape, find jobs and move out, clinging on to every outlet they have with the tenacity as they would a liferaft at sea. I won't fool myself into thinking I'll care this much even this time tomorrow, but whenever I remind myself, or find myself in an opportunity to help, I will. Maybe if and when I do become a teacher in later life.

- This time last year I was still in China, though it feels like a shorter time ago. Every day was itself a mini adventure, and I was still enjoying the sensation of meeting and discovering the lives of new people. Although I am not pro active enough to seek this on a current basis, when I am forced into the situation, I really enjoy it. I yearn for that experience and look forward to when I am in a position to replicate it.

- Of particular interest to me, surprisingly to me as well, is the news that Coca Cola has bought a minority share in innocent (lower case intentional) drinks. Now if I seek the silver lining, it's merely a part of the corporate system, a minority share, and will help raise the profile and circulation of these healthier drinks. But I will feel regret if the hand of Coca Cola moves to influencing innocent's perhaps overly cutesy but undoubtedly honourable business plan and mourn the loss of another free spirit in an increasing cynical and bottom-line orientated market economy.

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