Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Part of Your World"


Obviously the song of the post is from, ahem, the Little Mermaid. Because anyone who still has a soul loves the classic Disney movies!

For some reason I'm in a rather cutesy mood so dug up this picture of a random Chinese baby from last year. Adorable, huh? This little one resides near the famous Longsheng rice terraces in the Guangxi province. The rice terraces (which we nearly didn't get to visit due to the horrific winter in the region) are in an area comprising a few rice terrace regions and villages full of locals dressed like the women in the background. The baby, obviously had no idea what I was trying to do, so her(?) older sister whirled her around to face my camera and then proceeded to hide. You can still see her glove if you look hard enough!

Hmm, is it a little tragic to be dwelling on the past? I'm not really, just nothing I'm doing these days renders up such photogenic picture opportunities...

Thoughts for today:
- Further to my ponderings about the diversity of the world... presumably at one point, if you believe in Pangaea and the migration of the peoples and all that, we were one large community that spread out. So, presumably, as a social and intelligent species, we at one point spoke the same language? (This is pure personal conjecture, I'm fully prepared to accept that I could be 95% wrong!) Which makes it all the more fascinating that the languages are as starkly differing and sounding as, say, Italian and Tagalog. Amazing.

When people ask you the hypothetical question, if you could have any power, talent, wish, etc. I've always thought, while it may not be the *most* intelligent use of a wish, you could do a lot worse than requesting the ability to speak and understand all the languages on the planet. And what language sounds the best? At present, I'm rather partial to the sound of French, but scouring the world for the perfect accent would be a very pleasurable, if lengthy, quest indeed!

- So, I'm trying to start running again. I had a brief foray into it pre Christmas, which was pretty much starting from scratch, and was surprised how comparatively quickly it improves as long as you do it regularly. Of course since then I have done precious little exercise at all, so have a lot of unfitness and excess mass to work off first! Pretty much starting from scratch all over again, but with high aspirations. I figure it's all a matter of motivation, so I intend to attend organised training runs, for example, Niketown in Oxford Circus organise some. I had to miss one this week because a class overran but went on a short circuit with F.H. anyhow, and was just terrible. I'm going to have to put in a lot of work if I want to improve at a reasonable rate! Hopefully I'll set myself an attainable goal soon: something to work towards.

- Have just discovered more MAJOR gaps in the Spotify catalogue, but also a few gems. My gem for today was discovering the Muse HAARP album, which was a live recording of the Wembley gigs in June 2007, one of which I went to. Score!

- With a slight pang of regret, I have realised over the past few days that I have been guilty of one of those sins I thought I would never have committed: judging a book by its cover. Though I do not necessarily place too much weight on first impressions, I do so with the first few meetings and then extrapolate and deign to think I KNOW that person. Poppiecock. I do have fairly good instincts about people, but I have found a couple of instances of being wrong of late, and for that I must readjust my faith in that ability.

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4 May 2009 at 01:08

Haha yeah that definitely seems like a short attention span type of post. Well, I too like the little mermaid. In fact it was my favorite movie as a kid and "part of your world" was also my favorite song.

Oh and the baby is too cute!