Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Simple As It Should Be"


I thought I borrow an idea from (oh the shame of it) One Tree Hill, where I pilfer some talented songwriter's title of a song to sum up the content that follows. "Simple as it should be" is a brilliantly chilled-out song by Tristan Prettyman on her album "twentythree". No prizes for guessing her age when she wrote it! With the rise of Spotify, there should be a way to link people so that they can hear the song I'm talking about; wouldn't that be absolutely marvellous?

While I'm on this point, I'm going to briefly wax lyrical about the benefits of Spotify. Now, the interface is far from perfect, and I've not yet been driven to abandon iTunes but what is wonderful about Spotify is that, as long as you do not seek something too obscure (more's the pity really!) then you can try out entire albums and major sections of the back catalogues of artists to whom you've not listened before. I don't mind telling you that I will have to have heard at least three songs from an album and liked them before I consider buying it for real, as opposed to downloading a singular song. Now I can hear it all! I've had Spotify since before the day it became massive in London (the Londonpaper, the free newspaper given out in the afternoons, had a big feature on it the next day!) so, probably a few weeks, but already I've bought two albums off the back of Spotify which I otherwise might not have. Ok, I'm not being paid for this so I'll stop now!

The picture, by the way, is another from about a year ago, from Wenchang, Hainan island again. Wenchang is in the North East of the island just in case you're interested, and a very mini town! I say mini, it's probably as complex a town as Birmingham in terms of roads, but just smaller and more Chinese (go figure). I went to visit a couple of friends, so in that way it was nice, but I can imagine getting very bored with the place very quickly. Anyway, this photo is one I took leaning over their balcony while the sun was setting and I liked the look of the clouds.

My wonderment of the day is at the uniqueness of the human race. Now, there are some six billion of us homo sapiens wondering around the planet. With that many people, you'd think, surely, that there's be some overlap? Someone, somewhere, must be pretty much a dead ringer for you and act in a very similar manner? Not so: if it were to be the case, we would presumably have heard about it by now.

If nothing else, we have a range of countries! Over 200 if I'm right! And races! In a geeky child-like way, I'm quite excited by the fact that even when I'm sleep, there's someone across the world living their life, speaking a completely different language and maybe even wondering about other people in the world too. Even the phenomenon of different languages is pretty cool in itself. I might explore this wonderful idea at a later date, but for now, it will suffice for me to state that it is excellent.

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30 April 2009 at 16:25

I always think about that. Whenever I'm looking out of my car window and seeing other people, I think to myself.."I've gone through a lot in my life, I wonder what they have gone through."

I find it beautiful that there are so many languages and so many meanings with so much history behind them. Makes you wonder, huh?