Saturday, May 02, 2009

"What Can I Say"


Can you tell that I love clouds and sunsets? The song today is from Brandi Carlile, whom I believed I've bigged-up before, but still, most definitely worth a look-in. Feeling a little bit under the weather today (may have had a bearing on the picture) and not feeling particularly verbose so just a short one.

=> Links you should check out:

Days With My Father: A beautiful and touching photojournal from a son about his father in the last, but glorious, days of his life. a blog reviewing Japanese films (duh) This guy actually knows what he's talking about, and is nice enough to include clips you can check out if the review whets your appetite.

=> Would it be flippant to say I'm bored with swine flu? Don't get me wrong, my condolences go out to those who have lost friends or family to this ailment, but for people to be afraid to leave the house for that reason outside of Mexico... is that really proportionate? There's nothing that makes me take something less seriously than having it shoved in my face and it fast becoming a cliche.

=> When running in the bright sunshine at 2pm, wearing a dark long-sleeved T-shirt is not advisable.

=> French accents on women are just mmm...

=> I need to leave the country and soon. I'm getting more than a slight twinge of ennui with London, especially when the weather's grey and gloomy. It's actually pretty nice when it's sunny and you're in the park.