Thursday, December 17, 2009

Diary of a Good Day

So today I'm going to try and put you through the sensations of my day. Bear with me folks. Warning: will be very self indulgent today.

10am -  Wake up in the morning. (Shh, employed people. I would probably prefer switching shoes with you, but while I have late morning opps I'm going to milk them :p)

This song is playing on the radio. Some would call that a good omen, plus Walkin' on Sunshine is overplayed and overrated as a morning song. And I had a great night's sleep too, which for me is a great rarity: in fact I managed precisely 0 hours of sleep the night previously which might lend itself to the previous fact. And explain why I started typing this at 4.30am.

10:15am - Check e-mail and jobsites. Awesome, a job I have been waiting for a while has opened up with an opportunity! I will not jinx it by mentioning any details, but I am psyched about this! Apply as soon as possible.

10:20am - Open the curtains. It's SNOWING!

Yes, it won't last beyond 4-ish, and yes, it also makes it nose-pinchingly, Jack-Frost-nipping-at-your-toes-ly cold outside, but my thinking is, if it's going to be annoying cold outside, it may as well bring some snow along with it.

For some inexplicable and probably juvenile reason, this fact amplifies my sense of well-being and puts a massive grin on my face. Unabashedly wide. Think baby who's just had jangling keys in front of his face.

11am - Finish up job e-mails etc and refuse to besmirch a day that gives off such good vibes by giving it job-hunting allocated time. Goodness knows I've had enough of that stress these past few days to deserve a day off (or so I convince myself). Get hit by pang of conscience nonetheless and tidy up room, sort out paper waste for shredding and recycling. The radio still persists in pumping out corkers, including Christmas songs that don't make me want to throttle a reindeer.

11.30 -  Head out to Postal sorting-office to pick up package that didn't clear customs without requiring a charge. (Minor grumble grumble) But it's the package my brother and I ordered from Threadless! All is forgiven. Their T-shirts rock. But given that I am coated in a thin layer of barely settling snow, perhaps the climate is not quite suitable yet. Hmmm. Also, losing sensation in ears, but they still function enough to hear the Blue Oyster Cult from my iPod. Aw my loyal friend. Certainly you have so little space that I have had to uncheck half my iTunes, you are black and white and are older than all my pairs of shoes, but you have stuck by me stubbornly and stoically. I am thankful for you.

12pm - Stop by supermarket to pick up baking supplies. What better a day to make a dent on the cookies and gingerbread cupcakes I intend to give as presents this year? (Check out the blog recipes, they're brilliant! And thanks to Sarah and 'Miss Dot' for discovering them for me.)

12.45pm - Get home with supplies. Hmmm, that's quite a lot of stuff. Slightly daunted as I have not baked for about 3 years. But how hard can it be?

1pm - Not that hard! It's basically stirring things in very big bowls. It's actually even quite fun, and my iTunes playlist of Christmas songs are even making me feel fairly festive!

1.30pm - Ok, a LOT of stirring. Perhaps my fault for putting the butter in the fridge instinctively. Microwaving it still left lumps. As did (more accurately) my impatience.

2pm - Put in first batch of cookies. (Cupcakes can wait for another day.) Schoolboy error one: put blobs of batter on the baking paper too close together. How will this end?

2.01pm - I wait for cookies to turn from, let's face it, scatological lumps, into edible deliciousness. Already the house smells nice, and the spoon of batter I'm licking while watching lunchtime repeats of Friends tastes good. Bodes well! Pang of realisation. Baking, listening to Christmas songs and watching Friends in the middle of the day? Where are my testicles, again? Shrug, and continue to lick the spoon.

2.07pm - Ah. This is how the error will manifest itself. It what looks like many chocolate amoeba tried to merge and mate with each other. Still smells nice though, and easily salvaged by one table knife and surgeon-like (ha!) abilities.

2.30pm - Cookies left to cool, I decide I don't need a real lunch. It will suffice for this moment in time to 'test' some of my cookies and watch the Gilmore Girls. Hmm, cookies are warm and awesome. Hmmm, I love Lorelai Gilmore, Rory is a bit too prissy at the moment.

Again, where is my Y-chromosome? Glad I'm playing football tomorrow.  Also resolve to over-imbibe beer. And possibly find some DIY to do. Ahem.

5pm - Feeling foolish at having wasted 'good day' in front of telly, return to kitchen. Forgot to buy chocolate/chocolate chips for decoration (incidentally, definitely the most fun part. You melt the chocolate in a sandwich bag, cut a small hole in the corner and go all Julia Child on that bad boy!)

5.05pm - Phone rings and it is potential employer (not the one I applied for in the morning). Asks me how I am, and genuinely today can say I feel wonderful. And yourself?

5.15pm - He is still asking me questions. Is this a phone interview? Aren't they meant to warn you when you have a phone interview?

5.30pm - Still asking questions. Definitely a phone interview. Any other time, I would be slightly nervy: interviews bring out the worst in me, but today I am high on joy and Christmas. I am bulletproof.

5.32pm - "So what do [company name] do, as far as you know?" Panic. Slight panic? No, significant panic. Bumble like Hugh Grant (why do I sound more posh when I'm nervous and/or on the telephone. People tell me I have a phone voice. Not important! Focus on matter in hand!)Aha, my laptop is open. Google to the rescue! Maintain composure though. Smell the cookies! Also, it is for a job I applied for. Not a career. Would not be the end of the world. Salvage interview. I think. I don't care, I still smell cookies! Plus it's nice to actually a get a reply of any sort from a company, make a pleasant change from the usual stony silence the other dozens of companies have thus far given me.

6-something pm - parents return from work. Offer them cookies like a child first thing after school. "Stephen, these actually really taste delicious!" Glad at the praise, hesistant reaction to the emphasis on "actually". Humph.

The rest is immaterial family standard fare. They went out to dinner with other parental types and I bought more baking supplies (including about chocolate for decoration and about 6 packs of butter. Checkout lady presumably presumed it was my New Year's Resolution to double my weight) and watched TV. Gotta love Spooks. It's like the British lower-budget cousin of 24. Quiet night in preparation for long weekend ahead.

Ooh, and saw another advert for Sherlock Holmes. This film had better be amazing or I will be bitterly disappointed and be even more convince that Guy Ritchie hit his prime way too early. Apart from RockNRolla. That was pretty good.


p.s. DISCLAIMER: author is not actually a 10-year-old girl.
p.p.s. If you stuck through this post all the way to this point, bless your little cotton socks and I hope you feel this good every day :D
p.p.p.s. Seriously, but seriously think about checking this site out. A weekly shrine to brilliant beautiful films, and what a great bunch she has lined up! So in love with this blog.

13 Response to Diary of a Good Day

17 December 2009 at 08:37

Felt fresh after reading your post. Sounds like a perfect regular day. :P Thanks for sharing that movie link with us. Will check them out!

17 December 2009 at 13:58

Wake up Boo is the BEST morning song ever!!! I can't believe how old it is now, I remember seeing it on the chart show back in the 90s and it still sounds just as amazing.

And I have really high hopes for Sherlock too...

17 December 2009 at 14:43

Well since my day is not all that fully today, you have inspired me to make some cookies. Thank you!


Hannah Katy

17 December 2009 at 16:37

Found your blog through 20sb. Really enjoyed your post and quite envious. :)

New follower as well.

17 December 2009 at 19:09

Woah, that is a catchy song! Nice.

Sometimes cookie failures can be cookie wins if there's enough chocolate.

17 December 2009 at 19:37

I'm really embarrassed to admit that, for a while, my wake up song was Best I Ever Had by Drake. I mean, I'm not even into that sort of poppy hip-hop. But who doesn't want to hear that they're the best in the mornings?

17 December 2009 at 19:43

Oh, this post was great! I loved it and am a little jealous of your life. Sleeping in and baking? Yes, please!

18 December 2009 at 03:31

Funny as always!
Sounds like one awesome day!
But then again anything involving cookies is awesome in my book.
Good luck with your job applications!

18 December 2009 at 18:43

This post was SO great.

I giggled a little bit at my desk.

19 December 2009 at 10:08

Wow, 9 comments? If only I had known that cookies were the way to people's hearts before...

Anamika - you definitely should. They've been inactive for a while but just started up again, and the ones that are coming up are just wonderful. I can unequivocably say I love all of them.

EJ - Haha, yeah me too! It was maybe on GMTV or something too, right?

HK - Hey, I don't know if it's Christmas or the cookies, but I have genuinely been a lot happier these past couple of days, and it sounds like you need it too... You make those cookies :)

A@G - Hi! Always nice to have new people drop by!

K - Totally. I ran out of cocoa yesterday and it was too cold snowy for me to think about heading out for more. Then I just laughed, because I can do with less cocoa considering I'm loading them up with choc chips and decorating with white choc!

Andrea - That's why guys like "We Are the Champions". We're not complicated like that.

Stephany - would probably prefer having a job for the long term, but nice to make the most of things, haha!

Alex - cookies do make days awesome. And thanks!

Ashley - *bow* I love the sound of girls giggling :)

22 December 2009 at 00:17

love the song. quite catchy! and i love mulled wine too..mmmm

28 December 2009 at 04:09

The synopsis of your day is hauntingly familiar..I too am looking for a job and this closely resembles my days off of "work." And no they do not have to warn you about phone interviews..I once had a potential employer call me at 5:30 PM wanting to do a phone interview right then and there. It was kind of disarming. Good luck in your job search!

30 December 2009 at 00:44

Fariha - too right it's catchy! I've got a new pop song stuck on loop in my head. Bit of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance"! Ra-ra-ra-ah-ah etc

S Pants - But I thought out of decorum at least 24 hours would be nice. Employers suck. In contrast one company for whom I apparently applied *way* too early sends me an email every 10 days or so saying in effect "we know you've applied and we haven't given you an answer but the process is ongoing and we haven't forgotten about you". Maybe I'm just too easily swayed but I like little touches like that.