Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Sunrises (and sunsets) can make anything look awesome.

Just... don't zoom in too much. I took the photo in a hurry, the birds were flying at quite a speedy pace, and I was keen to get them in the shot!

So, I had a brief affair with the shiny mistress that is Tumblr. I was tempted by the prospect of easier, less labour intensive blogging. I was courted by the shiny colours and giant icons. But while there is a certain novelty to be held in 2 click blogging, and for certain things, such as photographers, perhaps it is a better vehicle. But rather like Twitter it is too myopic and lacking in depth. And more importantly, it is not as geared or aimed at the bloggers, that is, the people who write down thoughts and aspirations, rather than reblogging cool links. While I might be more suited to Tumblr with my dedication and blogging longevity, I wish to be a blogger. And Blogger the site allows me to read and surround myself with real bloggers as an incentive, and incentivisation is what I need if I am to develop my writing, etc. Ironically I am very aware I am writing in a less than succinct manner, but this will happen if you inadvertently and for no reason whatsoever pull an all-nighter. That's right! I did it again.

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