Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I'm OTT! (And other non-sequiturs)


According to the wonderfully eloquent and, er, Irish Conor over at the Pizza Box, I merit this award! Yeah, it's got a woman with an apron on it, but I'll take it anyway! One could even argue that it's fitting considering a lot of my new followers seemed to stick around when I started showing pictures of cookies.

Oh, and while I'm at it, definitely go and check out Conor, he's got a wonderfully honest way about his blog.

Now I have to answer a few questions to earn my keep for this award:

part 1: answer questions with one word:

1. Where is your cell phone? Next to my Macbook, between a book and a champagne cork. Not entirely certain how that latter got there. How to put that in one word? "Here."

2. Your hair? Black (also short and depressingly annoyingly straight)

3. Your mother? Kooky

4. Your father? (very) Chinese

5. Your favourite food? Sushi! (make it fresh and with a lot of wasabi on the side!)

6. Your dream last night? None! (Though the last one was an epic combo one involving different scenarios where people were marooning me or looking after me in hospital. Port does weird stuff to me!)

7. Your favourite drink? Whiskey (alcoholic) / Mango juice (non) [Unfortunately the two do not mix]

8. Your dream/goal? Happiness

9. What room are you in? Bedrooom

10. Your hobby? Reading/film-watching/procrastinating

11. Your fear? Solitude

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Lawyer/writer/teacher

13. Where were you last night? T'pub

14. Something you aren't? Tall / intolerant / Pope

15. Muffins? Conor stole my 'Poker Face' joke opp, so I'll just say "Yes (please)!"

16. Wish list item? (Any freakin') Job

17. Where did you grow up? London, England

18. Last thing you did? Narnia (as in watched the film. Not a patch on the book, but still, Liam Neeson as Aslan! So proud that I missed that innuendo opp)

19. What are you wearing? T-shirt / Trackie bottoms / Favourite hoodie

20. Your TV? No (not in my room anyhow)

21. Your pets? Goldfish (pl)

22. Your friends? Varied. One of the best and worst things about my friends is that I have circles of friends, and circles rarely overlap! Which makes for variety, but a pain in the ass trying to catch up with them all!

23. Your life? Bridge (as in the bit in songs between verses/choruses. In flux. Waiting for the next bit.)

24. Your mood? Peaceful (listen to some Remy Zero, toasty and warm while it's snowy outside)

25. Missing someone? A bunch. I'm currently in a period of trying to resolve this where I can.

26. Vehicle? Polo.

27. Something you're not wearing? A black lacy bra. (At the moment)

28. Your favourite store? Second hand book stores

29. Your favorite color? Blue

30. When was the last time you laughed? When I saw someone fall over and faceplant into some snow. I helped her up after I hasten to add!

31. Last time you cried? Erm, I teared up during the end of Dr Who on New Year's Day? Shut up.

32. Your best friend? Probably one of the 4 chaps I've roomed with in the past 4 years.

33. One place that I go over and over? Cubana's (Cuban bar in Waterloo, London. Go there, Conor!)

34. One person who emails me regularly? No-one emails me anymore, I get Facebook messages! A-R T is the most recent offender.

35. Favourite place to eat? Park (on the grass, between the shade and the sunshine, summertime. End of exam time optional)

part 2: pass the award on...

Ah! TOUGHIE! I've been following a bunch of people of late, all wonderful in their own ways. Also not sure any of them are really 'over the top', just superlative bloggers! Anyhow, I'm going to bite the bullet and shoot for:

1) Hannah at As Simple As That - not entirely sure her style really constitutes over the top, but her posts ALWAYS but always make me think.  

2) Andrea at Caffeinate Me - At the same time one of the bravest and most shy bloggers I've been reading

3) Emily at Emily-Jane.Net - Just the sweetest lady, and we share more than a few interests!

4) Lindsay at Birdykins - One of the most poetic bloggers you'll read, each post a poem that lingers on your soul for a bit after you close the page.

5) Sebastian at - He's crazy, sorry 'off centre' and I like that. Also, he takes the photos I wish I could take.

And there you are! Congrats to the winners, and enjoy! Check out their blogs!

Without sounding hollow, I genuinely wish I could give more shoutouts, everyone I follow and KEEP following are award-worthy, but these are the first brilliant ones to come to mind! 


p.s. Maybe it's appropriate that I got the award with a sodding apron on it. Look what I made for my visiting gran!

p.p.s. Why can't I stop listening to this?

p.p.p.s. Snow? Again? The crossroads near my house looks like a blank piece of paper and it's still going. Would run out and make a snow angel except:
1) I'm on my own. Playing in the snow on your own is tragic.
2) It's the middle of the night.
3) I don't want to red run over.
4) I also don't want to freeze my bollocks off.

p.p.p.p.s. The Complete Works of Shakespeare came through the post. Uh oh. Looks like Lord of the Rings has a bigger angrier brother. With thinner pages.

13 Response to I'm OTT! (And other non-sequiturs)

6 January 2010 at 01:12

Ooh! An award! For being off-centre!

Your photos are just fine, dude. The joy of digital photography is that you can just keep hammering away at it, completely free of charge.

I only just realised you're British, thus the 'sodding' and 'centre' spelt correctly (even if it sounds a bit French...)

*tips hat*

6 January 2010 at 03:05

Your comment about eating in the park after exams almost made me miss school! Almost :-p There's something very nice about it, no?

I also grew up in a british school, and now I'm living a very American life (as you know)! So when you use words like 'sodding" and spell things like a European I get a little thrill. Ha! I miss Europe.

6 January 2010 at 03:12

Ha ha!
I loved #27.
Happy New Year!

6 January 2010 at 03:52

I JUST posted on my friend's blog about how I agreed that blog awards always went to the cool people and how we never got any lol - this was a WONDERFUL surprise in my inbox :)

Thank you so much!! And it always makes me smile to see boys making cookies for their nans. :)

6 January 2010 at 04:29

Congrats on your lovely apron award! Loving your blog more with every post I read! And you know... maybe whiskey and mango juice could work after a few too many drinks...? haha

6 January 2010 at 14:20

Congrats on the award!

6 January 2010 at 17:11

Congrats on the award! And thank you for passing it on to me! What a great surprise to wake up to. I will be passing it on shortly.

And I think the apron is perfectly fitting for ya! You make me envious with your cooking skills.

Hannah Katy

6 January 2010 at 19:37

Thank you! I already emailed you my thanks but I thought I'd drop you a line here, too. :)

7 January 2010 at 04:47

Solitude has a positive connotation for me, I like quiet times to myself. Loneliness that looks more like crazy, cat lady spinsterhood does scare me though.

p.s. be sure to keep us abreast of the appearance of #27!

7 January 2010 at 22:09

Thanks for the comment! I know it's generally a chore to be a follower of mine but I'm glad you've stuck it out thus far haha.

btw- I almost gave you a "beautiful blogger" award to match your feminine apron award but I didn't want it all to go to your head too fast.

8 January 2010 at 00:13

I want some muffins or cupcakes or whatever those are. Send some ;)

8 January 2010 at 01:22

Seb - Totally my bad. Henceforth you will witness my being just terribly more insistent and open with my British-ness, don't you know, dear chap.

Lorien - oh yes, definitely. We complain about academia bitterly when we're a part of it, but we'll always end up missing it, if only for the camaraderie. And I want to try a very American life at some point. From all impression (not just TV, ex pats as well :P) there seems to be something very happy and optimistic about Americans and it's simultaneously alike and different to Britain that it intrigues me.

Alexandra - Stay tuned?

EJ - *bows with a flourish* always at your service, m'dear.

ALH - Stop it, Alex, you're going to make me blush. Or something. You know, I'm going to try it again at some point most likely!

Also, I got that award from someone else anyhow, and dammit, I'm taking it :P But dang it all if this means I can now give it to you! Grrr... you...

Ashley - And same to you :D

HK - again. Stop it. Blushing! And as I said, you're completely welcome and deserving of it.

Birdykins - not problem Lindsay :D

BST - oh, don't get me wrong, I LOVE some quiet time. But anymore than a day/maybe a couple at tops spent without talking to another soul and I start to get a little stir crazy.

Carrie - Couldn't even if I wanted to, given how very mysterious you are ;)

29 January 2010 at 16:05

I love this post, and you're adorable