Friday, January 08, 2010

"Oooooh, the weather outside is frightful..."

Blue sky + Orange streetlighting  = ooh, pretty!
Macro-tastic shot of pretension


Thanks right. We built a (mishapen) snowman! And I succumbed to the "Let's jump like an idiot" school of Facebook photography.

So the British news was all a-flutter the past couple of days with the snow. "You know, it wasn't even very deep" says every other snowed under country in the world, and you would be right. But despite being more than heavily accustomed to rain and cold, England is not used to coping with snow. The admittedly rather shallow snow (not quite half a foot my neck of the woods but reaching perhaps a couple of feet in particular and non-prepared areas) was not dealt with and schools, average-Joe workers and to a lesser extent workplaces shut down for the day(s) and instead everyone larked around in the frozen precipitation. At least in places where it hadn't demoted itself to the hazardous black ice.

Not all fun and games though, trains, buses and even planes were cancelled because of the snow, Gatwick all but closing completely as a result. I had some relatives who had their flight from Salzburg moved a day later. And from Zurich.

But look how cool! Britain from the sky

In other news:

- Check out the photos at WarmPears. Truly spectacular, I defy you to do anything but love each of them
- The wonderful Alexandra at the has gifted me a 'Beautiful Blogger Award'. Yeah, it's another less-than-fully-masculine award but heck, I'm going to milk this stage where every award is a significant event in my blog-life. Will undertake the challenge later.
- The more observant amongst you may have realised I've changed the name of the blog. It's just shorter and easier. Plus the webaddress is the same, so very few, if any, sheep will get lost along the way!

11 Response to "Oooooh, the weather outside is frightful..."

8 January 2010 at 13:40

Frozen Britain! It LOOKS very cool only because in all my 24 years I've never seen anything like it. When I still lived there we used to go up north to the Lake District and places like that to get even the littles bit of snow for Christmas - and I've been following it on Radio 1 all week and it sounds like complete chaos. Yes its not that much snow comparative to here but we're used to it and so our cars and roads and stuff are built for this sort of thing - it'd be like if this suddenly happened in Mexico or something, the whole country would just stop running because it just wouldn't be equipped.

I hope it warms up over there soon - I was planning on coming back for a visit!!

8 January 2010 at 14:32

A) Your pictures are gorgeous!

B) Congrats on the award!

C) I like the new name. :)

8 January 2010 at 16:23

Great pictures! Our snow was even more pathetic as I doubt it even qualifies as an inch. Yet, people are still not able to drive! I watched people sliding around the highways on the news all morning like idiots, quite entertaining.

8 January 2010 at 16:42

Nice. It's never a bad day when snow is involved, no matter how much or little accumulates. Enjoy!

8 January 2010 at 17:46

Snow? In England? What planet is this?
I haven't built a snowman in decades... Maybe I should consider this as a weekend activity.

The award is slightly feminine, I admit. How about The "Beautiful on the inside, handsome on the outside" Blogger award? Much better, eh?

8 January 2010 at 20:18

I can't believe it's colder there than in Canada. WTF? It's like spring here.

8 January 2010 at 23:00

EJ - it's meant to snow this weekend also but then stop thereafter. You HAVE lived in England before, right? ;) You know January's our worst month weather wise! Were you here for the snow day in 2003 or something? That was about a third of the snow we had this time but had an even greater effect! If we just stocked a crapload of grit salt we could save outselves a lot of grief!

And hey, if you pop into London at all, look me up, okay?

A) Thank you! I do try, but I still reckon I need a better camera and some lessons
B) Not going to lie, pretty chuffed, but am wondering why I get such girlie ones. I hope my next one (if I indeed get one) is something like the beer and shooting award.
C) Haha, not really *new* per se, heck it was my web address. Just made sense, and actually doesn't sound too shabby, eh?

Falex - Haha, something about seeing people struggle in the snow is always funny. Like today when I saw a dog being dragged along by its owner. Poor little shivering thing. Pity and amusement in equal measure.

Rachel - See above :D Seriously, aside from the hazardous ice and cold, I love snow. I also love how the universal reaction upon the first wave of snowflakes is "Look! Snow! Look outside guys! It's snowing! Wow! Cool! Snow! Look!"

Alex - global warming? ;)
Hey, no worries, I took the award in the spirit it was intended but thanks a bunch for trying to butch it up for me, hon!

Candice - My cousins in Calgary have been saying the same thing, and they live near MOUNTAINS! But I'm sure you guys would have dealt with it infinitely better.

9 January 2010 at 00:35

Very beautiful pictures! I love snow, mainly because Ilove SNOW days. LOL. Happiness! I'm back in the deserty aprt of the USA and there's just frost and cold. No snow. Kind of not as festive.

9 January 2010 at 00:42

These pictures are awesome! I especially love the snowman :D

13 January 2010 at 21:15

Gorgeous photos! Even though right now my feet are so frozen I'd pay a hobo to suck my toes, your pictures are making me feel a bit friendlier toward the snow outside. Love it.

Found you through 20sb, btdubs, and looking forward to going through your archives!

13 January 2010 at 23:46

Lorien - everyone loves snow days at first :D Until it melts and just gets all slippery (steady...)

Allison - Well thanks! Took us a while to build, I went out later that day (for a trip to the cinema that became a snowfight instead!) and ended up seeing a much better snowman.

TKOG - Well a nice camera angle can make 'most anything look a bit more palatable :D Glad you found me, I'll return the favour when I have a little more time!